The Fury

I was reminded by a friend that I had never seen The Fury. So I’m watching it now. Max isn’t around. But I’m sure he’ll join me later. He won’t mind if I get started without him.The Fury.jpg


45 thoughts on “The Fury

  1. “Visualize sitting in an empty theater looking at a blank screen.” I was there just a couple weeks ago. Projector malfunction or something. Took me a few minutes to realize nothing was going to happen and I went to the customer service desk.


  2. He called her from a phone booth. As soon as he identified himself she hung up the phone to go get him. Did she just happen to know to go to that specific phone booth?


  3. If you’re going to bring a powerful psychic in your quasi-secret organization where there are dark secrets that you know about, maybe you shouldn’t stand too close to them.


  4. So, were they trying to create a living weapon? Thus all the rage? And it backfired? Is that the point? It just seems like a lot of movie for such a small payoff. I mean, I feel like the movie was spending way too much time with things that didn’t matter instead of showing the actual plot moving.


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