The Inhabitants


The Inhabitants.jpg

I’m really in the mood to watch some random horror this evening. Not sure why. I’ve been feeling kind of wonky for days so maybe I want to shock my system a little.

It’s getting colder so Max is snuggled up even tighter tonight. I’m not sure he’ll be paying much attention to the movie.

I know nothing about this flick. Let’s begin!



29 thoughts on “The Inhabitants

  1. There are too many different elements here. You have a spooky house, you have an absent-minded old woman, you have a gang of preppy thugs hanging around outside, and then there’s the ghost. And now the cameras everywhere. Pick a story!


  2. Umm…I didn’t quite get that. That was, uh…yeah. Not recommended. It’s like someone had a bet that they could put all these different elements into a single movie. They did it. But it didn’t work.


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