Poltergeist II: The Other Side


Tonight we’re gonna break on through and check out PolPoltergeist II.jpgtergeist II: The Other Side! I don’t think I’ve seen this since I was a kid. And I may not have ever seen the whole thing. Adventure awaits! The cat’s by my side, so let’s hit play!


47 thoughts on “Poltergeist II: The Other Side

  1. Okay. I’m pretty sure the actor playing the father corrected the actor playing the kid in this scene but they left it in.

    And yeah, I can understand not wanting a TV after what happened in the first flick.


  2. Okay, yeah. How do you explain to the insurance company that your house got sucked into an ethereal wormhole?

    The human roomie suggests you just tell them there was a gas leak explosion.

    Seriously, though, wouldn’t they send someone out to investigate the claim anyway? Just to have something to talk about around the office?


  3. So, no one sees the creepy old guy but her. And then he’s swinging her arms and singing and nobody thinks it looks odd, and her mother sees the guy and talks to him. Then he goes non-corporeal again?


  4. You mean they’ve been in this house for months and they never told Grandma what happened?? What does she thiink happened to their house? Does SHE think it was a gas explosion?


  5. Backwards echo on the toy phone ringing. I love how the little girl isn’t at all freaked out by this. Makes perfect sense, of course, getting a call from her just-now-dead grandma.


  6. Oh, come on. You just have to sense the evil rolling off this thing. Maybe the rain masks it? This thing has to be powerful, staying corporeal like this.

    Ah, now it’s leaking out.


  7. Okay. The ghost is from the early 1800s. So possessing the toys and making the robot shoot a real laser makes even less sense. Or twisting the kid’s braces in an imagined attempt to electrocute him.


  8. With the amount of power these spirits appear to have, I don’t understand why they haven’t just overtaken the house. They’re teasing the humans, poking at them through a cage, you know? Maybe they needed to actually be invited in to do actual damage.

    And maybe that’s what the worm was for? hmm.


  9. Seriously, what are the rules here? ’cause this thing is just irritating.

    And I’m pretty sure the car is angrier now than it’s ever been. Maybe it’s a precog?


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