The Neon Demon

I’m not sure this is my kind of movie. But a friend asked me to watch it to get my opinion. And I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to film. Plus I like Elle Fanning. So…why not?

Neon Demon.jpg


The Atticus Institute

This movie’s been in my player for a while. I just haven’t had the chance to watch it. My life’s been pretty busy lately. But tonight feels like a good time. Max looks eager to something started, so let’s check this out.The Atticus Institute.jpg

From the description, it’s apparently about psychic tests done in the 1970s. And of course something happened, because otherwise it would be a boring movie.


Review of ARRIVAL

Okay. THE ARRIVAL. I like the intent. I like the theme. But watching the execution was like…trying to observe a painting through a pinhole. This shoARRIVAL.jpguld have been a novel. Like, a thick novel. And of course, I thought it was adapted from one. But no. It’s adapted from a short story! Holy crap! That’s a lot of filler!

I’ve just read way too many science fiction novels not to gripe at this movie. I tried not to. And it’s still enjoyable if you just don’t think too hard. The movie does have a fun twist. I like how that part unfolded. It feels like THAT was the short story and they built the movie around it. Which is a shame, because apparently what attracted me to the movie was the filler, not the core plot.

The whole first contact/let’s learn their language thing was way too simple. In other words, it’s a Hollywood interpretation of it. And I should be okay with that. It just…throughout the whole movie I had the feeling that a LOT had been cut out of this to make a two hour movie that the majority of the audience could understand.

So, not a bad movie. It just felt like…an incomplete movie.

Ghost Team

Tonight’s post-election hangover movie is something calghost team.jpgled Ghost Team. I can’t tell from the description if this is supposed to be serious or a comedy. From the cover art I’m assuming comedy. Looks like a typical haunted house investigation movie.