Review of ARRIVAL

Okay. THE ARRIVAL. I like the intent. I like the theme. But watching the execution was like…trying to observe a painting through a pinhole. This shoARRIVAL.jpguld have been a novel. Like, a thick novel. And of course, I thought it was adapted from one. But no. It’s adapted from a short story! Holy crap! That’s a lot of filler!

I’ve just read way too many science fiction novels not to gripe at this movie. I tried not to. And it’s still enjoyable if you just don’t think too hard. The movie does have a fun twist. I like how that part unfolded. It feels like THAT was the short story and they built the movie around it. Which is a shame, because apparently what attracted me to the movie was the filler, not the core plot.

The whole first contact/let’s learn their language thing was way too simple. In other words, it’s a Hollywood interpretation of it. And I should be okay with that. It just…throughout the whole movie I had the feeling that a LOT had been cut out of this to make a two hour movie that the majority of the audience could understand.

So, not a bad movie. It just felt like…an incomplete movie.


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