Scenes From a Darkened Living Room

I’m just a movie lover with End-Stage Renal Disease.

To explain ESRD quickly: My kidneys don’t work. So three times a week I’m attached to a machine for 4 1/2 hours to have my blood sucked out of me, cleaned, and put back in. The machine also removes excess fluid. This process┬ácan be pretty taxing on the body, so I spend a lot of time fatigued and am prone to nap-attacks.

Basically, this means that my sleep schedule is all messed up and I tend to spend many nights up and about, but too weak to do anything exciting. The house where I live has a nice living room, a nice TV, and a very friendly cat. Many nights I find myself in the living room watching a movie, and Max, the cat, likes watching them with me.

This blog, then, simply records my movie-viewing habits with commentary, and sometimes reviews. And includes a cat.

My hope is that you’ll be amused and maybe find a a few movie recommendations along the way.