The Other Side of the Door

It’s my birthday! For the next half hour anyway.  But that has nothing to do with the movie I’m about to watch!  I know I added this to my Netflix queue because the write-up looked interesting. I really don’t even remember it now.  But the DVD menu tells me that this movie stars Lori from The Walking Dead and…that’s about it. I’m sure the movie has more characters but this is just full of her.


Max has already zonked out, anticipating a boring movie. I don’t know. Looks kind of scary, kind of fun. Let’s check it out!


The Lobster

I don’t know about this one, guys. Looks pretty weird. The premise is that in a future society if single people don’t get married by a certain time, they’re turned iThe Lobster.jpgnto animals
and sent into the corn fie–I mean, forest. This seems utterly nonsensical. I’m suspecting a dark comedy in the style of Terry Gilliam. And I so don’t know if I’m ready for that tonight. And Max is looking iffy. In fact, he just wandered off.

Well, let’s give it a spin! (Man, I really wish I had a lobster-inspired joke about now.)


The Dead Room

It’s time for an impromptu movie viewing. I don’t think I’ll be going to sleep tonight anyway, so let’s watch a horror flick.


I found The Dead Room (2015) on Netflix streaming. It’s about paranormal investigators going to a house where a family has recently fled from a ghost. That’s all I know.

Max is purring happily next to me. I guess he’s excited about this one. Let’s open the door to The Dead Room.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I added this to my Netflix DVD queue for some reason. I think just because I haven’t seen it and it seems like something I should watch.


Of course, looking at the DVD menu, I totally forgot Kristen Stewart was in this. This could be a long movie. Even the Max has fled, knowing of the impending visual doom. I guess I’m flying solo tonight.

The Pyramid

Good day! And welcome to the first test of this blog! I usually do this on Facebook but I thought I’d see if it can be done in a blog format without too much trouble.

So, what am I doing here? Well, I’m currently sitting on a couch in a dark living room with a cat. And we’re about to watch a movie. It’s probably not a good movie. But I’ll let you know along the way. I try not to spoil things too much, especially if a movie is recent. But if the movie truly is garbage then I stop caring.


Tonight, we have cinematic journey called The Pyramid. It was done in 2014 and it seems to be your basic supernatural slasher thingy, except this takes place in a pyramid. So I’m guessing we’ll see some mummy action.


At the time I rented this disc from Netflix, I thought it was a good idea. I’m having doubts now.

So, here we go, into the unknown! Into The Pyramid!

Welcome! Tickets, please!

This blog is about watching movies. More to the point, it’s about me watching movies and writing about, often when the movies are happening. This usually happens with the assistance of a cat named Maximum. And we watch these movies late at night in a darkened living room, thus the name of the blog.

So sit down, grab some popcorn (or catnip, whatever’s your poison), and let’s watch a movie!